See The Opportunity uses behavioral data to help real estate agents & mortgage loan officers better connect with each other and their clients to drive more transactions.

Who uses

100's of thousands of Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Loan Officers.
Millions of homeowners equaling over $1.2 Trillion in possible sales.

Real Estate

Increase inventory opportunities Recruit & retain agents

Real Estate

Generate listing inventory Stay in touch with clients


Homeowners can monitor the status of one of their largest investments: their home.


Create purchase business Build real estate agent relationships


Home financial health checks


Provide tools for success to mortgage lenders

I would defy any system to show me better data in terms of bottom line results.

Peter Hunt
Chairman & CEO, HUNT Real Estate & HUNT Mortgage Corp.

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of agents & loan officers’s insight and knowledge can be leveraged by any brokerage or lender to drive new purchase transactions.

Why Clients Love

Tremendous ROI

1.2M Homeowners engaged

$1.14T in potential listing volume uncovered

11% conversion rates to closed transactions

$564M in Agent Commissions generated

$112.9M in retained company dollar

409% average ROI achieved